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How does the price plan work?

In the price plan, we work with a 'Base Price' and with 'Custom Settings'. The basic price is automatically set for the whole year. Do you want to charge a different price than the basic price for a certain period? Then enter a custom setting for that period. 

The calendar works with blocking arrival days, instead of blocking nights. For example, if guests cannot arrive from 1 to 6 September, you block 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 September. September 7 is not blocked as this is another arrival day. Guests can leave on September 1.

Did you work with several seasons in the old price plan? All seasons from the old price plan have been taken over in the above way. A base price is set according to the season that includes the most days. Then your other seasons are set as custom settings. 

Under the heading 'Pricing' in your host account, you will find the base price. More information is explained in: How do the basic prices work?

Under the heading 'Availability', you will find all the settings associated with the basic price, such as the minimum and maximum number of nights and the arrival and departure days. More information is available in: How does the availability calendar work?

Under the heading 'Calendar' you will find the availability calendar. There are two different headings at the top of the calendar: 'Availability' and 'Configuration'. In 'Availability', you can block and unblock periods. In 'Configuration', you can enter/view the adjusted settings. If you work with different seasons, you will find the adjusted prices in the calendar under 'Configuration'. You can find more information about this in: How do I set different prices?