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I'm receiving a booking request, now what?

High five, a booking! Now it is important that you respond to this booking as soon as possible (max. within 24 hours), so that the guests know where they stand. This you do by:

1. Login to your landlord account by clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner and then click on log in.

2. You enter the dashboard and there you immediately see the outstanding booking. Click on it.

3. Here you see all the information about the booking. Please note that the guests' personal data is only visible after acceptance of the booking. If you want to know more about when you can view your contact details, see: When do I receive contact details?

Click on 'Accept booking' to accept the booking, or 'Decline booking' to decline. 

For either option you chose, both you and the guest will receive a confirmation e-mail.