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I cancel a booking, how about refunding the guest?

What a pity that you have to cancel a booking. Is there really no other way to continue the booking, such as moving it to another period?

If this is not possible and cancellation is the only option, then you as the host must ensure that the guest receives the full travel sum back. If the payment is still in our hands, we can refund it, minus the advertising, booking and payment costs incurred by us. You will then have to pay these back to the guest yourself. If the payment is no longer in our hands and you have already received the payment from us, you will have to transfer it back to the guest, including the costs we have withheld for the advertisement and payment.

If you have any questions about the different amounts, what the guest has or hasn't paid, or what the cost per booking is, please contact our support department. This can be done by email at info@nature.house or by phone at 085 888 3337.