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How to add my house on the website?

How nice that you have registered as a landlord! Please follow the steps below to create an advertisement for your nature house.

1. Log into your landlord area. Are you working from a laptop or computer? Then click on the 'log in' button at the right top of the screen. 

Are you on a tablet or smartphone? Then tap the three horizontal bars in the top right-hand corner. In the next screen you can tap on 'log in'. If you are logged in, you can click or tap on your own name and select 'my landlord overview'. 

2. Go to "My Nature Houses".

3. At the right top is a red button with "Create a house listing".

4. Now you can start creating your ad! Follow all the steps to complete your ad. More information on how to complete the ad can be found here.

In the last step you can request a "Live passage" for your advertisement. This means that your advertisement will be visible to our guests and they will be able to make a booking if necessary. Please make sure that your prices and availability are entered correctly before requesting to go live.