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How is the impact label constructed?

The impact label was created in collaboration with teachers from Breda university of applied sciences and NHL Stenden Hogeschool. With founding from CELTH.

The impact label is based on 32 questions a landlord has to answer for his accommodation. Of these, 1 question is about the energy label of the accommodation and 31 yes/no questions concern aspects such as building(s) & energy, waste & recycling, water, other contributions to biodiversity and local ecosystems and local community and destination. When the questions are answered yes, the accommodation receives x number of points. Below is which label belongs to which number of points.

Maxlevel 3level 2level 1no rank


The following explains how many points an accommodation receives for each question asked:

building & energy points
What is your energy label?  (A or Higher – B – C – D – E –  F – G, Excluded)15- 12- 9- 6 – 3 – 0 – 0
Is your nature house insulated with natural materials? 3
Is your nature house build/ renovated with natural/sustainable materials?7
Is your nature house off grid or supplied with 100% renewable energy? 10
waste & recyclingpoints
Do you minimize food waste (pre-ordered or fixed portion size) 2
The use of sustainable materials has been conciously considered when compiling the inventory?2
Are guest informed about the way they can reduce and/or separate waste?2
Have single-use amenities/supplies been replaced into reusable/ refillable amenities/supplies?2
Do you encourage guests to use tap water or water from an installed water refill or filtering station instead of single-use plastic water bottles?2
Do you reuse organic waste in your operations 3
Does your nature house have (a) water-efficient toilet(s)?2
Does your nature house have (a) water-efficient shower(s)?2
Do you clean your nature house with 100% natural cleaning products? 2
Do you collect rainwater for your garden, toilet, cleaning or more?2
Do you stimulate guests to minimize water use?2
Does your nature house have a eco-friendly waste water filtering system  (if not connected to sewage system)? 5
Does your garden / grounds have a pond or other natural water facility3
other contributions to biodiversity & local ecosystemspoints
Do you grow (ecological / organic) food products that are available to guests?2
Do you have a biodiversity-friendly terrain (flowers, trees, hedges, forest, ‘messy garden’)?5
Do you manage your garden in a way that supports biodiversity? (no pesticides, chemicals, artificial fertilizers)5
Do you contribute to local biodiversity beyond your property? (for instance by planting, sowing indigenous plants, herbs) 3
Do you reinvest a % of your revenue in local biodiversity (e.g. donation to regional parc)2
Do you have a have specific house rules on darkness and silence after certain hours to stimulate guests to respect the biorhythm of local species 2
Does your nature house also provide a home for birds, insects or bats?3
Community and destinationpoints
Do you stimulate guests to use a bike by offering bicycle rental or bicycle rental nearby? 
Do you stimulate guests to come to your nature house in a sustainable way?5
Do you offer guests tours and activities organised by local guides and businesses?3
Do you provide guests with information on local biodiversity and ecosystems and (seasonal) visitor etiquette?3
Do you offer locally produced (organic) food & goods in your nature house? 2
Do you provide guests with information regarding local heritage and culture as well as visitor etiquette?2
Is your nature house (protected) cultural heritage? 5
Do you offer electric charging for cars and bikes or other types of mobility2