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How can additional costs be filled in now?

Additional charges can now be found under 'Pricing'.  To adjust and add extra costs, you can now follow these steps:

1. Login to your landlord account by clicking on the profile icon at the top right and then click on login.

2. You will immediately see the landlords overview. Select 'Edit' for the corresponding nature house.

3. Select 'Pricing' in the menu on the left.

Under 'Included in the price' you can indicate which facilities are included in the rental price, i.e. for which you do not want to charge an extra amount. Later, under 'Extra costs' you can set the costs for which you do want to charge an extra fee. 

If you click 'add facilities', a list will open with an overview of facilities. Suppose you want to include final cleaning in the rental price, you can click on 'cleaning' in the list and then on 'add'. 

Final cleaning is then set as included in the price, as below.

At the very bottom you can add any extra costs. Think for example of bed linen and towels. To do this, click on 'Add facilities'.

A list with various options will open, for example bed linen. Click on your cost item and on 'next'. 

Then enter the settings you want to charge for this extra cost. By clicking on the selection field (e.g. 'per stay'), you can see which options you can set for this extra cost. Then click 'Done' to save this extra cost. 

When the charge has been saved, it will appear in your extra cost as follows: 

When you have completely finished filling in the details, you can click 'Save' in the menu.