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Which changes affect the current settings?

The changes to the extra costs may affect the way the extra costs are now entered. Restrictions have been placed on the combinations that can be made, to ensure clear and logical choices from now on. This does mean that you may have to make some adjustments to ensure that all extra costs are charged correctly again.


Directly on your dashboard, you will see a blue notification when you need to make adjustments to your extra costs. If this notification is not there, you do not have to do anything! 

Extra costs

Clicking on 'Adjust rates' in the blue notification will take you directly to the Extra costs. From now on, you can find these under 'Pricing'.

No longer supported

A number of additional charges will no longer be supported or previously entered combinations will no longer be allowed by the system, which can be recognized by the blue icon. It is no longer possible to save these charges as they are currently entered. 

The additional costs that have been removed are: swimming pool, canoe, air conditioning, extra person, luxury check-in comfort, fireplace wood, breakfast service, bed linen + towels. If you currently have these charges set, they will be shown with a blue icon in your extra charge overview. You can no longer edit these additional charges, only delete them. To make your extra costs correspond to the new setup, you have to delete them. Here are some tips to help you replace these costs. 


If it concerns an entered combination that is no longer supported, you can choose 'Edit' by clicking on the pencil icon. As you can see in the screenshot, you can only delete the cost for 'Swimming pool', but you can edit 'Final cleaning'. In this example, the chosen payment time that was set is no longer supported, so you need to make a change. If you click on the pencil icon, you will see an empty box under 'Time of payment' and you have to enter a new choice there.

When you choose a new payment moment here and click 'Done', the cost will be saved again. You will also see that the blue icon next to this extra charge has disappeared. As soon as there are no more extra costs that are no longer supported, the blue notifications will also be closed and your ad will be completely up-to-date again!