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What is the difference between a fixed price plan and an advanced price plan?

In your account you can add prices to the rates. We have made a choice between two different price plans. In the basic price plan you can set a fixed price that is used throughout the year. With an advanced price plan, different prices for different seasons can be filled in. This way you can use different prices for different periods or changeover days.

Basic price plan

A basic price plan involves a fixed price for a whole year. A fixed night price is then set. It is possible to enter a minimum and maximum number of nights. The advantage of a basic price plan is that, by only entering a night price, the nature house is directly bookable for the whole year. 

In addition, different rates can be used for a weekend, long weekend, for a week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks. It is possible to indicate whether guests can arrive on all days or only on specific days. Discounts for periods in the off-season can be applied.

Advanced price plan

With an advanced price plan, different prices can be used for certain periods. For example, it is possible to enter a high, low and summer season. 

In these seasons you can specify periods from when to when a price is valid. You can enter different prices and changeover days per season. For example for 1 night, a week, midweek, 4 nights, 5 nights etc. For all periods where a price is entered, this period can be booked. If you leave a period empty it cannot be booked. Do you want to rent out with a minimum of 3 nights, then leave the price empty for 1 and 2 nights. 

In addition, it is possible to indicate whether guests can arrive on all days or only on specific days. 

NOTE: With the advanced price plan, it is important to pay close attention to the dates entered for the seasons. The dates should not overlap and if a date has no price, your nature house is not available for booking. So make sure that the dates of different seasons match each other neatly. Does the low season end on 30-06-2021? Then let the summer season start on 30-06-2021.