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How do I add my prices?

1. Log in to your landlord area

2. Go to 'My naturehouses'.

3. Choose 'Edit' at the nature house in question.

4. In the menu on the right, select 'Pricing'.

5. Here you have two options; Set a fixed price. If you use the same price for the whole year.

- Here you can enter a fixed night price

- Enter a minimum and a maximum number of nights

- If guests can arrive on any day of the week, you choose 'Yes'. If you have fixed arrival days, select 'No' and mark the days that guests can arrive (please note that if the block is green it means that guests can choose this as their arrival day).

- Do you have a different rate for a (long) weekend or for a week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks? Then you can use that here. If you don't have this, you choose 'No'.

6. If you use different prices for certain periods, you can choose 'Advanced prices'.

- Choose 'Edit' and fill in a start and an end date

- Once you have filled in all periods, choose 'Next step'.

- Here you can fill in the prices per period of stay and the changeover days.

- Then choose 'Save'.

- You can create a new season for the other periods