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Booking more than 7 weeks before arrival

With a booking more than 7 weeks before arrival there is an pre- and a residual payment. The pre-payment is made within 24 hours after approval of the booking, this amounts to 30% of the rent. The residual payment includes the remaining 70% of the rent and this payment must be received no later than 7 weeks before arrival.


What you will receive

30% of the rent - commission Nature.house*

What the guest pays

30% of the rent + insurance cancellation (optional)

Residual payment:

What you will receive

70% of the rent 

What the guest pays

70% of the rent  + deposit (optional)

* Commission rate is 0.12 or 0.092

A calculation example for illustration:
On January 8, a guest books your nature house for 15 July to 21 July for 500 euros rent and 50 euros cleaning. The guest receives a request for payment after approval of the booking and pays 30% of the 550 euros, and optional cancellation insurance. You then receive the 30% of the rent less our commission on the rent of 550 euros. Around 25 May we will receive the remaining payment from the guest of 70% of the rent. As soon as the guest arrives in your nature house on 15 July, you will receive after 24 hours the entire remaining payment (70% of the rent) on your account. When the deposit is paid via Nature.house, the remaining payment is paid when you have paid the deposit.